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Fibrenetix Overview


  • Powerful recording & storage equipment for video surveillance applications
  • Preferred solution for medium to large size installation
  • Designed & Manufactured in Denmark
  • Milestone Certified
  • Tested with all of the Major VMS's
Fibrenetix Product Guide  
  • 3D-scalability for Performance, Capacity & High Availability
  • Preferred & Proven Solution for Critical applications like Airports, Oil & Gas, Aviation, Military, Shopping Mall, Banks
  • 3 Years replacement warranty on all parts
  • 10 Years Spare parts availability guarantee
  • High Performance NVR's/Servers with support for up to 2.500 cameras per unit
  • High Capacity Storages with 7.1 Peta Bytes of data
  • One of a kind JBODs with up to 102 bays per enclosure
  • Video Optimized streaming RAID controllers*
  • Support for RAID 0,1,5,6,10,50,60 & JBOD
  • Redundant Parts: Raid controllers, PSU's
  • Enterprise SAS & SATA hard drives from HGST, Toshiba & Hitachi
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