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Sprinx Overview

  • Automatic Incident Detection (AID) & Traffic Data collection software
  • Suitable solution for Smart Roads (Freeways, Roads & Tunnels) and Smart Cities
  • Proven in 100's of projects in Western Europe
  • Integrated with major VMS, SCADA & ITS solutions
  • 3D detection & Deep learning for higher accuracy
  • Professional & Complete solution designed and developed in Italy
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AID features:

  • Stopped Vehicle
  • Slowdown & Congestion/Queue
  • Wrong Way Driver
  • Pedestrian
  • Loss of Visibility / Smoke
  • Spilled Cargo

Traffic Data Collection features:

  • Vehicle Counting & Classification
  • Traffic Density
  • Average Speed
  • Average Time Gap between Vehicles
  • Average Distance between Vehicles
  • Origin/Destination Matrix

Available topologies:

Server Based (Camera independent)

Edge Based (installed on the supported cameras)

Hybrid ( Server Based & Edge Based)

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